Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Linksys WRT54GL Invalid Certificate Error in Firefox 22

 Hello, if one day you try to access your Linksys router trough a https secure connection in Firefox and you get this message:

Here is what you must do to solve this:

Step 1

In Windows Explorer search for the file cert8.db . This is the Firefox certificate database file. When you have found it delete it, close Firefox and start it again, this will recreate it.

On my computer Windows Explorer found the file on this path:


I don't know why the database got corrupted but this step solved it for me...

 Step 2

If step 1 didn't solve it, try to shut down both computer and router and unplug them for 60 seconds then plug them back in and see if this works.

Step 3

If step 2  didn't solve your problem try to resent your router to the factory defaults, there is a button for that on it's back.You will need a paper clip to push it...

But I think you will solve this with step 1....
Good luck ;)
 Update - starting  with Firefox 30 you can't use HTTPS protocol to access your router anymore unless you change it's firmware to openWRT or something similar. So you can use only unsecure HTTP protocol :(.

Windows 7 GodMode

To enable "GodMode," create a new folder and then rename the folder to the following:


You will get a folder with a lot of shortcuts and hidden tweaks for your windows 7. Enjoy ;)